Chunky Party

This is a winning creation – it’s everyone’s favourite. This makes everyone, both kids and adults, at the party very, very happy.

Ice cream
2 scoops
Vanilla, chocolate, double chocolate, chocolate chip, and cookies & cream flavours are recommended. Be very very generous’ to be under ‘M&M’s’ and ‘Oreo Cookies
10-15 pieces
Oreo cookie
1-2 pieces
Peanut bits
Whipped cream
Butterscotch sauce

Step 1
Scoop the ice cream into cup.

Step 2
Scatter a handful (or two) of M&M’s.

Step 3
Break oreos aplenty.

Step 4
Lavish it with loads of whip cream!

Step 5
And lastly, generously top it up with butterscotch sauce and sprinkle with peanuts.