Where is your ice cream produced?

Our ice cream is produced in the east of Thailand, in a province called Prachin Buri, where we are able to buy fruits from local farmers and suppliers to blend into our ice creams.

Are you a new brand or company?

Our company Winsome Green Co., Ltd was set up in August of 2009, and we have been bringing joy in every bite of our ice cream ever since.

What certifications do you have?

We are HACCP and GMP certified. Additionally, we are also Halal Certified. Therefore, our rum-flavoured ice creams are called Raisin Grandeur as we adhere strictly to Islamic rules.

Where can I buy your product?

At present, we serve mostly traditional trade mom & pops shops, minimarts, some local modern trade stores as well as hotels, restaurants and cafes around Thailand. Please check out our stockists lists and feel free to contact our customer service to find a store near you!

Which countries do you sell your ice cream to?

We currently export to Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, and also do border sales in Myanmar and Laos. Please contact our Export department if you would like to explore export opportunities with us!



What are your serving sizes?

We sell our ice cream in catering bulk sizes that range from 2 kg to 6kg. Other catering products are our 1 L ‘hawker’ packs that mobile sales vehicles use to sell with bread as ice cream sandwiches.


We also have a range of novelty offerings such as sticks, cones, cups and take home pints. Please see our product range for more information.

Does your ice cream contain real fruits?

Yes, We use real fruit in our fruit and local dessert ice cream such as mango, durian, taro as well as coconut ice cream. Our coconuts are delivered fresh daily and we source our mango, durian and taro from local suppliers. Please check out our range of fruit and local dessert offerings here.

Does your ice cream contain real dairy?

Yes, We use a combination of butter milk, whey and skim milk powder in our ice creams. While staying affordable, using higher quality milk powders give our ice cream a great texture and mouthfeel.


If you are looking for a non-dairy ice cream, please check out our Fruttega Summer Berries ice cream

Which local flavours would you recommend?

We would definitely recommend our coconut, taro and durian ice cream! These flavours are definitely our signature as we take great care to source and build relationships with our local farmers and suppliers. We use real fruit so our ice cream keeps the complex tastes of these natural ingredients.


As for other local flavours, we would definitely recommend our Thai Tea ice cream. We go through the difficult process of brewing a big batch of tea before blending it into a creamy ice cream. This process brings out the natural aroma and flavour to come out in the ice cream, and that is what makes our ice cream taste great!

What is the best temperature to keep ice cream?

-18 degrees Celsius.

Can I eat refrozen ice cream?

No. Ice cream that is melted and refrozen does not taste as good as it should! We recommend keeping your ice cream in -18 degrees Celsius so you can enjoy its real goodness!

Can you make your ice cream melt slower?

Not really, our ice cream starts melting around 5-10 mins in 32 degrees Celsius (even faster if you are holding it). We try not to add too much stabilizers and strict to the regulations as we want to give you an enjoyable product that is also safe to eat.

What is the nutritional value of your ice cream?

Please check out our nutritional value of each of our ice cream in our product information – website

Is your ice cream affordable?

Yes, one of our value proposition is to provide value for money ice cream that is super tasty and satisfying! We put care in every ice cream flavour, and use high quality ingredients.



I would like to sell ice cream, how do I do that?

Please contact our sales team at

Can I put other products in the ice cream freezer?

Not really, putting meat or seafood in the freezer might change the taste of the ice cream.